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Services For Data Center Decommissioning:

  • On-Site
  • Transportation
  • Off-Site

We will come to you! We will disconnect, dismantle, remove, and inventory all of your equipment. Everything is done on your site for you and we go through every detail of wiping all your data right there on the spot. No hassles, no worries, well take care of it all.

Once our on-site process is complete, and we've sorted out all of your company needs (Reusable equipment, recycling, equipment that can be sold, etc.), we begin transportation. The transportation is done in a delicate and secure process to protect any Data you may need protected, as well as any equipment that needs to be preserved.

We will recycle it all for you! We will handle all of your scrapping in the most environmental friendly way. Our process is 100% eco-friendly and the equipment not being scrapped is cycled into our network for them to be sold on your behalf!

Why is it important to decommission?
Data center decommissioning plays a vital role to data security. We protect you from risk, dispose waste efficiently and ethically, as well as assist you with getting as much money as possible for your old equipment using our International Network of resellers and refurbishers.

Contact Info

300 N Randolphville Road Piscataway, NJ 08854
PA: 215-603-5725
NJ/NY: 908-472-9290
DC/MD: 908-472-9290

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